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Yesterday my husband and I took our son Tommy, who is 11, to Mayhem Fest. He was especially excited to see Slipknot, since he has been listening to them since he was born (literally).  He saw that Shawn Crahan a.k.a. Clown or #6 from Slipknot was doing a meet and greet along with a book signing. I agreed to let him get the book and meet him.  I waited in line with my boy in the pouring rain for about 40 minutes. Shawn was shaking hands and signing books pretty quickly and I figured it wouldn’t be worth the wait.  As my son laid his book out for Shawn to sign he looked up at him and smiled.  He introduced himself and shook Tommy’s hand and pulled him over to where he could hear him better.  He took the time to speak to Tommy, asking him his age, his interests, his grades, etc. Then he asked him why he liked Slipknot.  My son’s response shocked me.  He said, “Well, I know I’m just a kid, but I know I’m different then most kids my age and sometimes I have a crappy day.  When I do, sometimes I listen to you guys and see that someone knows how I feel. I realize I’m stronger, better, more.”  Shawn took my son under his arm, squeezed him tight and looked at me and smiled and said,  ”We’re doing our jobs, Mom.”  

this kid is my hero

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