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Inbox me random shiny pretty things

I’m bored shitless on a 5 hour coach journey. Submit nudes or jokes

Bit horny. Inbox me saying what you’d do to me if you had me alone and naked.

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There are a few certain people on Tumblr tonight that I want to do disgusting, dirty, things to. If you think you are one of them (you probably are) please inbox me as I am drunk and wish to tell you how much I want to bone you.

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Someone inbox me, 2am is kinda boring when everyone you know is asleep.

I wanna get to know some of my followers better so if you see this feel free to inbox me and say hi <3

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Clearing out my inbox, I found these gems. When taken out of context they’re rather wtf.

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If anybody has anything they want to talk/rant/whatever to someone about then my inbox is always open. →

I adore every single person who follows me, if any of you need to talk about anything no matter how silly it may seem, I will be there for you <3

Can someone please text me? I’m feeling kinda alone and stuff and I could do with someone to talk to. Inbox me for my number (Preferably UK unless you have a shitton of money to waste texting a depressed British girl)

I feel like shit, please inbox me happy thoughts and hugs?