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There is a slight chance I may have just overdosed on insulin. We’ll see how this goes through the night. Hopefully I’ll be ok.

I really need to get laid. I don’t mean “just a quickie” either, I mean 3-4 hours of making out, intense foreplay and hard rough sex that leaves me begging for more. I want this to be followed by cuddles and sleep… then more sex, still intense sex, but slightly less rough than round 1.

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My boyfriend is coming to visit me at uni this weekend. Yay :/

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The armpit stitches are gone! Thank the lord!

About to attempt to wash my hair with only partial mobility in my left arm and without getting my back wet. This could be interesting.

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I find it kind of tragic that it’s 2014 and knowing how to stop tear gas from burning is something that people feel they need to know “just in case”.

As I mentioned, yesterday I had surgery to remove a lipoma growing in a muscle on my shoulder. I was told by the nurses to change the dressing today. As myself and my mother attempted to change the dressing, we noticed that the clips that have been placed along the wound, are stuck in the glued part of the dressing. This shouldn’t be like this. We called up the hospital to ask them what to do about it and they said they didn’t know but the dressing that has been put on it is too small. We’ve looked and all the dressings we have been given are also too small. I can’t take the dressing off because it is literally too sticky to remove without the clips coming off with it which in turn will fuck up the wound. Overall, I’m not impressed.

I really need to change the dressing on my stitches but I’m really scared of what I’ll find under it.

For anybody who cares, my surgery went fine.

Couple of things I’m not too happy about but I’m at home and resting so all should be ok :)

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So I’m having surgery on a lipoma on Friday morning. We thought the lipoma was just deep under the skin, turns out it’s actually in/under (I kinda stopped listening) the muscle. Kinda scared to be honest but The doctor put it very bluntly that I have two options, surgery now and not need physio or possibly lose the use of my arm in under 10 years as if it grows any more (it’s gained 3.5inches in under 2 years) it will start to rip the muscle. So I think I’m gonna roll with surgery.

I think I need to see The Prodigy for a third time. Twice is just not enough.