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This has deffo been an interesting year for my hair.


View from Herne Bay Pier (over) - Wednesday  

And suddenly I’m very homesick.

Long story short, I’ve walked 7.5miles today so far for no apparent reason. Good one Jess.

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My plan for tonight

  • Shower
  • Library
  • Sleep

Please do not interrupt these plans.

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Jeshy's On A Health Kick! →

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I’m on a bit of a health kick at the moment so sorry if my blog becomes a bit fitspo-y.

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I fear the kebab shop owners of liverpool have only seen me at my worst. I am always either paralytic, stoned or library stressed when I decide it’s a great idea for a 4am pizza.

Please don’t judge me but i need a cigarette and it’s cold so I’m taking my duvet with me.

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I’ve recently come to the conclusion that Dan Howell is in my top 3 most attractive men in the UK.

My list currently goes

  1. Ruper Grint
  2. Dan Howell
  3. Orlando Bloom

Also which one of you is in Ipswich and spent a good 15 minutes the other day trying to work out if I had any posts tagged as “nudes” “boobs” “nipples” “naked” or “cleavage”? Yeah, I have analytics for my Tumblr. Soz.

If you’re wide awake at 2am, it’s perfectly acceptable to put on 3 loads of washing and clean your room.

The half a bottle of sambuca was fine, it was the jagerbomb that made me sick.

If anybody is going to Download or Sonisphere this summer feel free to inbox me. I like making festival friends.